About Us

stargazers 132
stargazers 132

StarGazers is a division of StarWorx International, a leader in the creation of innovative new Men’s Sensual Health and lifestyle concepts. At StarGazers we believe in carrying out a Sensual and Erotic Revolution from our base and domain, the Republic of Eros, situated at the Palm Palace Resort, a secluded and tranquil private estate nestled in the foothills of Chase Valley, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.

We aim to develop and create unique sensual and erotic guest experiences that go beyond mere dream-fulfilment to dream-creation, where guests feel that they are in a different world; a virtual cosmic oasis providing five sensory dream-style venues, facilities, services, products, entertainment and personal dream-fulfilment in a safe and secure high-class boutique resort. The physical facilities are complemented by a top-class cast and crew (the DreamTeam), a soothing ambiance and atmosphere, and discerning design and décor systems.

Beautifully appointed and set in the private, lush, tropical and serene location of the Republic of Eros, StarGazers aims to offer a diverse range of men’s sensual and erotic health services focused on revitalising body, mind and soul.

Our free and open immigration policies welcome all who wish to flee the tyranny of crazy normal lives and escape the frazzled fast paced race-to-stay-in-one-place existence that it fuels. In our tiny land, we have come to learn that normal is about speeding up and losing sight, while stargazing is about slowing down and taking a look. Stargazing is not a senseless activity; it is a sensuous, consciousness-altering experience that allows for a way of getting in touch with and taking pleasure from the beauty and the wonder that life has to offer.